Periodontal Dentistry

During your new patient exam and cleaning, a very thorough periodontal (gum) exam is done by measuring the depth of the gum pockets to look for signs of gum disease. A gum pocket is a space between the tooth and the gum, and a depth greater than 5-6 mm means there is present gum disease. The depth of the pocket and the amount of inflammation indicates the severity of gum disease.

Periodontal Dentistry Services Offered:

  • Periodontal Diagnosis
  • Prophy / Scaling and Root Planing

Deep root cleaning and other periodontal treatment may be necessary if gum disease is present. Deep cleaning takes place under the gum line and may also involve, scaling. Scaling is the removal of tartar from the root and planing, smooth the root out so that the gum will reattach to the tooth.

Gum restoration in cases of more severe gum disease, a minor surgical procedure to clean the diseased tooth root surfaces to fully eradicate the bacteria.

Advances in dental technology have made these cosmetic procedures affordable for almost all dental patients looking to improve their smile and eliminate the discomfort or embarrassment that their dental imperfections may have caused.

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